Advantages of Dancing

January 7th, 2015 | Posted by Kathy Levyn

Now that the New Year is here, 2015 can be a fresh start to improving areas of your health. I know I ate way too much during the holidays, as most of us do. However, with the beginning of a New Year, some people make resolutions to bring about some changes. Some will keep them, others may not.

Advantages of Dancing | Dancing for Life

Of course, we all know there are benefits to exercise and doing it consistently. If you want to keep an activity resolution, the fun way to accomplish that is dancing. There are many dance styles that can get your heart rate up as well as on cardio equipment at a gym.

I do go work out at a gym, yet I will tell you, I would rather be dancing. It is much more enjoyable to be moving to energetic music with lively steps and footwork. Learning new dance steps is also a challenge for the mind, which is always important to keep active too.

You can start out slowly with dances like foxtrot or rumba to get acclimated, and then go for the dances that are guaranteed to raise your heart rate, like East coast swing or cha cha.

When invited to social events, wouldn’t it feel great to be able to get up on the dance floor with confidence? Taking dance lessons is a start to that awesome end. It is a process, takes time, perseverance, practice and most of all, the desire to learn. If you have that, your dancing goals can be realized.

So, start 2015 with a dance class and/or private instruction with Dancing For Life. It will be the worth the effort in so many ways.

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