Frequently asked questions about social dancing

October 26th, 2015 | Posted by sysadmin

Depending on ones situation the questions may vary. For those that want to take lessons for a wedding or special event these are some good questions I will answer first.

  1. How long will it take me to learn? It depends on a few factors. Coordination, being able to hear the rhythm of the music, how much you will practice in between lessons. You still will be able to accomplish your dancing goals, as long as you leave enough time before your event, even if you are not the most coordinated person or do not hear the beat very well.
  2. If I do not have a specific style or song picked out, now what?  A number of client’s have not planned out their dance ideas before coming to me.  I help them first with seeing what dance form suits them best. Once we have decided on a style, then they can pick a song they like that fits the music.
  3. Do I have enough space on the dance floor at my venue?  Depending on the floor space you will have, the dance style does matter.  Certain dances move to a greater degree around the floor, so more area is necessary. Others stay somewhat in place so you can be fine with smaller. You may need to pick a dance that reflects what space you would have at your venue. Some venues can increase the dance floor size and others cannot, so keep that in mind.
  4. Should my dance be choreographed or not?  It depends on the couple.  If it works better to have a routine that you memorize and know the order of steps, go with that. If you find it is difficult to remember, only the beginning and ending could be set. Then you would do the steps you learned in no particular order in the middle.

Social dancing is also for the joy of movement and expressing yourself.  No special occasion necessary,  yet just because you have always wanted to learn and now is the time.

  1. What should I wear to dance lessons? Comfortable clothes, easy to move in, are good.  With shoes you want to wear soles that are not too rubbery, so you do not stick to the floor.  Leather soles work fine, and if you get dance shoes, they have a special sole for Ballroom and Swing.
  2. Do I need a partner?  If you have a partner, please bring him or her.  If you do not,  I do encourage everyone to rotate so all will get time to dance with a partner.  I usually  have an extra guy come to class, which is helpful. Also, I’m quite a good leader myself.
  3. What types of classes or lessons are there?  I offer a beginning group Ballroom class in Santa Monica, and intermediate class at my home studio in Valley Glen.  Private instruction is also at my home studio, or I can come to your location.

I know there are other questions some of you have, so feel free to contact me and ask.


2 Responses to “Frequently asked questions about social dancing”

  1. Cynthia

    I am interested in learning ballroom dancing and I don’t have a partner. I would like to know what your Covid policy is please. Thank you.

    • Kathy Levyn

      Hi Cynthia,
      So sorry for not getting back to you, as I did not know about comments here till now. If you choose you can wear a mask and I would too if you like. I am a very good leader, so no partner is fine. Thanks for your inquiry. Kathy


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