“We have been coming to Kathy for a number of months, and take lessons once a week. Kathy is a great instructor as she is familiar with so many dances and of course all the right steps. So we have practiced the Waltz, West coast swing, Cha-cha, Rumba, Country two step, and learned some line dances. It’s been a LOT of fun. We always look forward to our lessons. Kathy is an EXCELLENT instructor. We find her to be very kind, knowledgeable and most importantly patient and persistent with her art of teaching. Thank you Kathy for introducing us to the wonderful world of dance.”

2024, Mark and Arnie, N. Hollywood, CA

“Recently experienced an invigorating dance session with Kathy. Despite not being a dancer, I found immense joy in the freedom of moving my body.  It was a liberating way to reconnect with my physical self and  embrace the sense of relaxation and happiness.  I highly recommend joining Dancing for Life with Kathy Levyn, a beautiful soul.”

                                                                                                    2024 , Miriam Huizenga – La Crescenta CA

 ” Thank you for helping are day be so special.  Our dances were great!. everyone was impressed. Thank you for your patience and guidance”

                                                                                                                   Rebecca and Helmet,   2016

“Ive studied ballroom dancing on-and-off for quite a while with my late wife from an array of excellent instructors.  I have been taking private ballroom dancing lessons from Kathy for two months.  She is clearly the best.  She is knowledgeable, detailed, affirmative yet completely honest in her constant assessments of me.  She has even created routines for several dances that should be do-able on the dance floor.  And as a professional dancer, her ballroom form is perfect.  Thanks to her expert guidance, I have been progressing rapidly.  Each lesson passes quicker than a swing.  Though I have a lot to learn, especially from Kathy, I always leave feeling far better, more confident in my steps, greatly anticipating the next lesson.”

October 26th, 2017    Kenneth Aubens- Sherman Oaks, CA

“Thank you so much for the Foxtrot lessons. Andrew and I can both agree that practicing our dance was our favorite part of the wedding planning, and our first dance went perfect.  Everyone loved it.”

5/28/2016  Andrew & Kendahl  E – Santa Clarita, CA

“Dear Kathy,  Thank you for all of your hard work and patience in creating a perfect first dance for our April wedding  We remembered our choreography for the most part and I think you would have been proud.”

4/2016  Liz & Steve D – North Hills, CA

“I have been taking dance lessons after my wife’s death for about 2 years. I’ve had 3 teachers during that time. They all teach differently. What I like the most about Kathy’s method of teaching is that she goes over and over the basics until you own it. She teaches technique, musicality, posture, and can brush up the dances you already know. She has a wide array of dances she teaches and I learn what I need to take on the dance floor with me in real ballroom situations. I am finally feeling more comfortable with a variety of dances, and can dance with people of varying levels. The whole idea is smile and have a great time. This is a great way of meeting people, staying mentally and physically alert, improve your posture, and with her reasonable rates, still have enough money to spend on other amenities.”

4/1/2015 – Raphael R. – Simi Valley, CA

“We are in love with Dancing for Life and the instructor Kathy. My fiancée found this place to prepare our wedding dance. We learned foxtrot on a Bollywood song. We were apprehensive initially but Kathy helped us to learn the dance and it was a big hit. She is an incredible dance instructor and is also flexible with time. Both of us are working professionals and we used to go late at night to practice our dance. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to choreograph your wedding dance. You will love it.”

1/19/2015 – Heena R. – Los Angeles, CA

“I would like to recommend Kathy as a dance teacher. I see her every week because the lessons have been very worthwhile. She has taught me a lot and I will be taking lessons from her for a long time to come. I was a high school teacher of math and physics and find Kathy to be an organized and fine instructor. She definitely has helped me so much.”

1/7/2015 – Greg H. – Northridge, CA

“I loved taking my lessons, both private and group at Kathy’s home studio. I found her teaching style easy to understand and follow. I have seen real progress in my dancing.  She keeps my dancing skills sharp and up to date and allows me to try new dances and music.  Great hands on teacher who can do lead and follow parts.  I love going there.”

9/2014 – 2021  Sandra F. – Canoga Park, CA

“My husband Abe and I have been taking ballroom dance lessons with Kathy Levyn for a few years now. We dance all the American style dances. Ms. Levyn is and always has been an excellent teacher. Not only does she have an enormous amount of patience, but she works around the athletic abilities of her students, correcting posture and making sure that our steps are clean and elegant. We are a couple in our eighties, and dancing has kept us flexible and healthy.”

4/3/2014 – Eileen B. – Los Angeles, CA

“My fiancée and I were looking for dance classes so we could enjoy our first dance at our wedding. We had a trial lesson at Arthur Murray, and then they told us the prices which were insane! So, we found Kathy at Dancing For Life and she has a studio in her home. She is very professional and her prices are extremely reasonable. We were beginners with zero rhythm. After about five lessons we already felt much more confident and learned so much. More importantly, she makes sure you have fun too! We will most likely continue taking lessons even after the wedding. I highly recommend you try Dancing For Life for any occasion.”

3/28/2014 – Natalie F. – Box Canyon, CA

“I rate this dance studio as “good as it gets.” This is the place to go if you need help learning to dance, because the teacher, Kathy, is really good at helping you pick things up. If she can teach me to dance, she can teach anyone. I’ve been to Arthur Murray and spent a lot of money, but I felt they just stretched it out and wanted me to sign up for more lessons. Kathy gets you right into it, and has you dancing within a couple of lessons. You’ll save a lot of money too.”

3/4/2014 – John L. – Chatsworth, CA

“With heartfelt gratitude and admiration for your masterful skill in sharing ‘Lessons in Dance’, for those missteps, for those slow-slow quick-quick dance lingo, and for those uncoordinated body movements…. when we first started, they are now but a journey and a new rhythm in our just found ‘zest for life’. Thank you Kathy Levyn!!!”

2/17/2015 – Wili B. – Porter Ranch, CA