Three Dancing Details to Remember

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kathy Levyn

Do you want to dazzle your family and friends when you step onto the dance floor?

The fine details for your wedding dance are a definite essential for creating a positive
experience.  These are the items that most brides and grooms do not know or overlook because they seem unimportant.  Just the opposite is true.  Details are what bring it all together after the couple feels relaxed and confident with the dancing steps.

Dancing Detail #1–Working with Your DJ/Band

If you are practicing to a CD for your first song and are having a band play on the wedding day, try to obtain a copy of the band’s version.  Familiarize the band with  your CD so they can duplicate what you know and feel comfortable with.  That includes tempo, length, intro, and ending.

You can also choose to dance the whole song yourselves or have the wedding party join in.  If you spend the time, energy and money to learn and choreograph a dance with your meaningful song, it serves you well to be the stars of that moment.

The DJ and band need to be informed ahead of time to play your song only when  you are in place and ready.  If they begin before you are prepared, the intro and possibly the whole dance can be affected.  Good communication will help your first dance run smoothly.

Dancing Detail #2–Working with Your Videographer

Another very essential aspect is to tell the videographer beforehand to frame your whole body.  Brides have told me their faces were the only things captured, and all those wonderful dance steps were lost in that instant.  From the moment you walk onto the dance floor to the time you walk off or dip, get whole body shots and the rest of the night those fabulous facial expressions can be preserved.

Dancing Detail #3– Working with Your Wedding Dress:

For all wedding dresses that touch the floor, I suggest the following: Please leave room to move and step backwards without tripping on your dress.  Even with the dress bustled up, some brides have difficulty executing their steps.  Practicing with a petticoat that simulates the length and fullness of your dress gives both bride and groom the confidence to know what to expect.  During your lesson it is also useful to wear shoes similar to your wedding shoes.

I believe in no surprises as you step onto the floor for that first dance as husband and wife.  Take care in the details because they do matter and you will feel more joyful and at ease.  With so much to consider in preparing a wedding, beginning early enough with dance lessons will give you time to practice and feel secure.  When all your dancing details are in line, you will be more assured of a successful experience.  You may even enjoy dancing so much, that it can be a fun activity to delight in together after your wedding day.

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