The Significant First Dance

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kathy Levyn

The first activity as husband and wife presented before family and friends is usually the first dance.  Favorable reactions from the guests with “oohs” and  “aahs”  let the couple realize the rewards of preparation and learned skills.  Comfort level is definitely enhanced, ease of movement is evident, and memories are preserved with joy and delight.  There are both practical and emotional reasons for wanting the first dance to be something special.

On the practical side, professional help assists the couple in achieving their desires from a straightforward Waltz or Foxtrot, to a sophisticated Rumba or Tango routine.  It all depends on the couple’s specific requests, abilities, and devotion of time to creating exactly what is wanted.  This learning approach has practical benefits of blending movement, leading and following, arm placement, varied footwork, and choreographing the dance to their chosen song.

On the emotional side, envisioning a first dance involves both bride and groom in preparing for this momentous part of the reception.  This in turn can also help the groom feel more involved with the planning, since a good part of the time he is left out of the preparations.  The dance can set the tone for the whole evening with the couple looking beautiful and confident.  Many couples have mentioned to me that they do not want to just sway back and forth for three minutes.  Therefore, this is another major reason to put together something out of the ordinary.  Whether the wedding is at a fancy venue with many guests, or a simpler affair, the couple will want to make a good impression, look incredible, have fun, and be more at ease on the dance floor.  Numerous times couples have expressed fears about dancing and performing in front of an audience. For that reason, certainty of the steps, being relaxed with each other, and allowing enough time to practice and be self-assured can make all the difference in that instant.

The result is that your special song will have a remembrance to cherish in your hearts and hopefully on video.  Dancing is a lifetime gift you give each other beyond the first dance.  The significance is not only in that first moment, but continues as an accomplishment that can be enjoyed throughout your lifetime together.

I have received several thank you letters and calls from couples expressing how wonderful it was to have the experience of a confident and unforgettable first dance.  It thrills me to know I have assisted in the process by contributing my expertise and creating value that will last for anniversaries to come.

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