How to Convince your Fiancé to take Dance Lessons Before the Wedding

February 20th, 2014 | Posted by Kathy Levyn

After the “I do’s” are over and pictures of the wedding party have been taken, it’s time to head off to the reception and celebrate! Time for a little bit of champagne, some cake and a fun night of dancing with the man of your dreams. However, in the midst of your wedding daydreams, your fiancé may just come along and burst your bubble by saying that he will not be dancing at the wedding. Can he do that? Isn’t the first dance between a bride and groom a rite of passage?

Chances are your fiancés refusal to dance at your wedding has less to do with the fact that he doesn’t want to, and more to do with the fact that he doesn’t know how. So instead of forcing the man to do something that he is clearly uncomfortable with, how can you convince him that taking dance lessons before the wedding will help ease his nerves? Check out a few of these suggestions:

Explain it in a way that he’ll understand – Viewed a more feminine activity for so many years, men don’t really understand the art of dancing. You know what they do understand? Sports. Your fiancé understands that when it comes to sports like baseball or football, practice makes perfect when it comes to getting certain plays right. He understands that to get that homerun or touchdown, a player needs to be poised, strong and coordinated, and that he needs to be able to react to the movements of others. Dancing works the same way.

Enlist the help of a man – Sometimes a man just needs to hear these things from another man. Whether it be his father, his brother or his best friend, he’s going to need assurance that he doesn’t need to trade in his man-card in order to take dance lessons. Hearing from a man that taking dance lessons is a great idea can be all it takes to get your fiancé on board.

The wedding will be more fun – It’s likely that the idea of dancing all night at the wedding is practically tearing him up inside. If he doesn’t know how to dance, he may be absolutely beside himself over the thought that he will make a fool of himself. As the groom, he knows that all eyes are going to be on him and his bride all night and that can be a lot of pressure. Let him know that by taking the lessons and getting more comfortable with dancing can help to alleviate some of those fears so that he can focus more on having fun.

It’s all about finding the balance between making him feel comfortable and letting him know just how important it is to you that he dances at the wedding. By using some of these tips, we’re sure that it will take no time at all to break him down. When you do, just give Dancing for Life a call!

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