Do You Really Need Dance Lessons for Your Wedding?

September 25th, 2014 | Posted by Kathy Levyn

In the past, we’ve discussed various ways to convince your fiancé to take wedding dance lessons. However, there are often instances when the men aren’t the only ones who need convincing. As you begin to plan your wedding, you yourself may question whether or not dance lessons are actually necessary. There have been hundreds of couples who have forgone the lessons and they’ve been fine, right? Well of course. However, after you’ve spent countless hours ensuring that you have the perfect, venue, the perfect dress, the perfect flowers, etc. – do you really want to wing it when it comes to your first dance as husband and wife?

Do You Really Need Dance Lessons for Your Wedding? | Dancing For Life

Any couple who has chosen not to take professional dance lessons for their wedding will tell you that the simple act of swaying back and forth can feel more like an eternity than a mere three minutes. You do not need to be Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers by the end of your lessons – yet, learning a few moves to make the moment really special (and fun for your guests to watch) can go a long way. Your first dance as a married couple will be captured in photos and on video for you to look back on years down the road, which will be a wonderful remembrance.

So if you do in fact decide that taking dance lessons would be in your best interest, here are a few easy tips to help you prepare:

  • Make sure that you sign up with Dancing for Life well before your wedding day. As the date grows closer, you’ll likely be extremely busy with other priorities and will have less time to devote to your lessons. Plus, the sooner you begin, the more time that you will have to practice so that you can nail each move on the dance floor.
  • There’s no need to worry about choosing a particular style of dance before your lessons. Your main priority is choosing a first dance song that truly reflects your relationship with your fiancé. Once you have the song picked out, your instructor will let you know the perfect dance style your song matches.
  • While you’ll want to wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in, it’s also a good idea to practice in clothes that are similar to what you will be wearing on your wedding day. As for your shoes, wear leather or smooth soles to be able to brush your feet. Later in your lessons, you can wear the shoes that you will be using on your wedding day to help avoid surprises if it turns out that you can’t move the same in your high heels as you did in your flats!

If you have any more questions about the benefits of taking dance lessons before your wedding, or what you can expect from these lessons, please feel free to ask!

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