Dance Relationtips

January 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kathy Levyn

Social dancing is a delightful way to interact with your partner and also an enjoyable activity to continue long after that first dance.  There is quite a lot more involved than just knowing steps and executing them.

Being able to hear the tempo of the songs is important for feeling and looking good out on the floor.  Sometimes one partner has difficulty hearing the rhythm, so the other partner can count the beat out loud.  This is helpful in the learning process.  The more you listen to different kinds of music, the more comfortable you will be in first recognizing what dance to do, and then staying on the beat.  This process can take a while, so I suggest getting Ballroom and Swing music and listening over and over to the songs to acquaint yourself with the music and different rhythms.

When out for an evening of social dancing, watch the other couples on the floor to see what dances they are doing, their styling, steps and flair.  You can always pick up pointers from watching.

There is dance etiquette at a social dance. The way everyone moves around the floor is called the line of dance.  It progresses counterclockwise circling the floor.  This is important at a crowded event because everyone should be going in the same direction to avoid traffic mishaps.  The men, as the leaders, will be the ones to watch out for other couples getting too close, and execute moves to escape accidents.  It is always courteous to be aware of the couples near you and allow each other their dance space.  When you do happen to bump or step on another, and it most likely will happen, please acknowledge the mistake graciously and keep dancing.

Now, ladies I am going to speak to you.  You are the followers when it comes to dancing.  I know that can be quite a task for some.  We are used to taking over and trying to control when we think our partners do not know what they are doing.  Please let the men do their leading and follow them even if you know it is incorrect.  Sometimes men need a longer duration than you do to pick up the steps and be able to lead.  Offering some grace to your partner will bring many other benefits, Including appreciation for your patience.  Remember you can lead in the rest of life.  Quite a positive trade off, don’t you think?

A strong dance hold is necessary for the most complementary movement.  Men need to have a strong right arm held upright, and right hand solidly on the partner’s shoulder blade.  Ladies need to lean back into their partner’s right hand, as if standing against a wall, so there is a firm connection.  Keep dance space between you for the most optimum mastery of the steps. This will assist in men being able to lead with more control and ladies being able to follow with more certainty.

These dance relationtips will connect you and your partner both on and off the dance floor.  Do keep dancing and stay connected.

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